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Welcome to ‘The Camino Concept’
‘The Playground of a Licentious Imagination’
***Hosted by Billy Camino***  

A Weekly 2-Hour Fictional Theme-Mix Broadcast:
‘Mostly Eclectic Oldies & Fun Novelties’

What an awesome Joy for ‘Team Camino’ to humbly be at your Service, ‘Sharing The Way’, by sharing our Passion of the most memorable Music of our Journeys; to make new unbelievably awesome Memories with you.

The Music is the ‘Concept’; ‘Team Camino’ is ‘The Show’!     

‘Disclaimer’: “On ‘The Camino Concept’, many names & places may or may not have been changed to protect those who may or may not be fictitious.  Believe it…          or not.”

‘Claimer’:  Originally from the Beaver Valley Area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, your ‘Quasi-Fictitious’ Host has been in Arizona for 35 years or so. Thus, this is a ‘Yinzer-Zoney’ Production.

‘The Camino Concept’ began on Arizona Internet Radio, in 2016.  But, as a hobby, ‘Billy’ has been a Volunteer Presenter throughout his entire adulthood. He’s always enjoyed sharing ‘Theme Mix Concepts of Oldies Music’, for Family, Friends, Ministry and Community; always for FREE… “You get what you pay for, my dear ‘Musical Pilgrims’.”

Currently, ‘Camino Nation’ is affiliated with Internet Stations in the Pittsburgh Area, the Carolina Region along with The Caribbean & The Netherlands, Nova Scotia, Canada; the Greater London Metro, and throughout the United Kingdom, including Scotland; and, also Belgium, and Sweden.

FYI:  As Newlyweds of 46 years, Billy and Lynda, have attended, between them, more than 40 Cursillos, and, enjoyed nearly 70 Grand Canyon Hikes, and, over 700 miles of ‘The Camino Pilgrimage’ in Spain & France & ‘The Jakobsweg’ in Germany, Austria, and Poland.

Sincere ‘appreciation-situation’, and continued Buen Camino Blessings.

‘The Playground of a Licentious Imagination’
The ‘Believe It, Or Not’ Gallery.

‘Studio Camino’s Vault’: FIRST Addendum

‘Who Luv’s Ya’ Baby?’

Aaron & Peppy
Alison Parke
Auntie Jane
Big Bill Senior
Billy Camino

Buzz Louise
Coach Dave & The Stunner
Charley Maque
Chef Andi
Club 1018
Colonel Larry
Cowboy John
Dirty Ed

Dr Judi & Miss Kitty
Dr Lori
Dutchy Anita
Glenn Left
Greg The Egg
Herr Wolfgang
Holly Mistletoe & Boomer
Hoot Johnson III

Johnny Joe-Joe
Jekyll Jean
Lizzy The Pozer
Luau Bob
Mama Smiley
Max & Bono
Mr Pablo, CPA
Mrs Bouquet & DJ Jason
Pentagon John
Princess Reba
Professor Joe

Punk & Judy
Rike Stu
Skyline Stephanie
Special K
Suzan Arbonne
The Anderson Brothers

The California Kid
The Ebensburg Editors
The Eternal Sophomore
The 50 Twistin’ Little Linda’s
The Vulcan Lady
Uncle John

Katrina & The Waves
The Rascals
Barry Manilow
Dean Martin
Hank Williams

Tanya Tucker
The Beatles
Tammy Wynette
Martin & Lewis
The Benny Benack Orchestra
The Kingston Trio
Barry White
Lee Michaels

Marty Robbins
The Stapletons

Van Halen
The Refreshments
Grand Funk Railroad
Elvis Presley
The Vince Guaraldi Trio
Johnny Cash
Glen Campbell
Bobby Darin
Danny Kaye
The Tokens
Don Ho
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
Erma Bombeck
Kenny Chesney
Pablo Cruise
Buddy Hackett
The Fireballs

Billy Ray Cyrus
The Drifters

Chip & The Charge-Ups
George Thorogood & The Destroyers
Kool & The Gang
Thomas Dolby
Lou Rawls
Bobby Boris Pickett
Ethel Merman
The Tractors
Tony Bennett
Will Glahe

Joni Mitchell
The Swinging Medallions
Johnny Zov
Chubby Checker
The Air Waves
Neil Diamond
The Skeeter Hill Band
ZZ Topp