Introducing ‘TEAM CAMINO’

*** LISTED BELOW: The ‘Radio Personalities’ that may, or may not be heard on ‘The Camino Concept’.

LyndyLou ‘The EBAM’; Executive Business Administrative Manager
“My Beautiful Sweetie’, and, ‘Very Own Chestnut-Brown Eyed Girl”
Office Manager & Systems Administrator
Website Design & Maintenance
Inventory Control: ‘Blue Sheets’, ‘Purple Crayons’, ‘The Top-Shelf’ & ‘The Official MAP’
Produces ‘Culinary Kitchen Delights’

Hoot Johnson III ‘The 500-Mile Man’, himself.
‘The Very Humble Hoot Johnson III’
‘The Man-The Myth-The Legend’
Semi-Retired Associate DJ Emeritus, and, Mentor (purveyor of ‘The Look’)
Note: When ‘HJ3’ is at ‘The Con’, “Radio Was Never Like This”
PhD in ‘Coffee’ (“The Elixir of Life”)

Smiley ‘Possibly’ Employed, as ‘Blue-Collared Generalist’
Multi-Voiced Schizoid-Personality ‘International Hottie’
Self Titled ‘Wingman’ (very curious indeed)
Engineers ‘2500 Series Command Center’, the ‘Mt. Washington Tower’, and, ‘The Con’
Services ‘Casa-Lynda Property’, the Vehicles, and, Commissions the ‘Camino Island Yacht’

Holly Mistletoe ‘Manager of Studio Camino North-Pole, and, ‘Reindeer Whisperer’
“Niece Sweetie-Jenny”
Fires-Up Turbo-Charged Sleigh, and, Pumps-Up-The-Jam
Grabs Candy-Canes & Stocking-Stuffers, and Mixes Peppermint Schnapps Frappes

Special ‘K’ ‘Coordinator of Karen’s Calico Corner’
“Auntie Karen” at ‘Kitty-Citty’
Resident ‘Equestrian Expert’

Uncle John ‘The (Intermittent) Voice of The Camino Concept’ (except, when he isn’t)
Self-Styled ‘Entertainment Concierge’
Religiously takes Regularly Scheduled (and Unscheduled) Breaks

Skyline Stephanie ‘The Big-Apple’s Very-Very Good Witch’; ‘Zooms’ On Her Broom’
Loves her ‘Adoring Fans’;
Hat must be about ‘Nine Feet Tall’

Princess Reba ‘Honorary Guest-Celebrity DJ-Presenter’
Co-Owner & C-Manager of ‘Have-A-Blast-Radio’
Internet Radio Country-Western-Blues ‘Road-Tripper’
Best ‘Yeah-Baby’ in the Industry!!

Luau Bob ‘Special Travel-Projects Assistant’
‘Hangs Ten’ at ‘Studio (Camino) Mai-Tai’

Mr. Pablo, CPA ‘Budget Accounting Manager’
Swimming Pool Service & Snorkel Officiondo

Colonel Larry Self-Appointed ‘Consulting Quality Assurance Manager’
‘Commissioned’ from ‘The Committee’

Charley Maque ‘The Country-Western Living Encyclopedia’

Mrs. Gladys Smith ‘Mother of ‘Smiley’ (Son, ‘Charles’)
Multi-Voiced Personality

The California Kid ‘Consulting Drone Video Specialist’
“Nephew Chuck” (‘Eye-Candy’)

Billy Camino ‘Host’ and ‘Musical Pilgrim’