Covid-19, Don’t Flatter Yourself…

My name is ‘Camino de Santiago de Compostela’.
I AM ‘The Way of St. James The Apostle’.

You’ll find me all over Europe, culminating in ‘Galicia, Spain’.
My Legend dates back, 1,300 years, and, I’ve seen it all:
* Charlemagne, The Moors, and, The Roman Legions
* The Knights Templar
* The ‘end’, of ‘The World’s End’
* The Black Death
* The Inquisition, The Age of Enlightenment, and The Renaissance
* The Spanish Civil War, The War to End All Wars, and, World War II
* Regime changes, Taxation, Depression, and, disbelievers
* White-outs in The Pyrenees, torrential rains everywhere, and, drought on The Meseta
* And, once again, Face Masks have returned; this time, with Social Distancing

But, guess what.
‘The Botafumeiro’ still swings in ‘St. James Cathedral’, and, the Bulls still run in ‘Pamplona’.
Pilgrims, from all over the World, arrive on a daily basis.
Even as you read this, they are, enthusiastically collecting ‘Stellos’… ‘cha-ching’!
Pilgrimage continues, one-step-at-a-time.

Endorsements abound:
John Breierley, Fr. Dave Pivonka, Hape Kerkeling, Jack Hitt and the Estevez-Sheen Family;
Paulo Coehlo, Sr. Joyce Rupp, Sue Kenney, Fr. Dennis Billy, James Michener;
And, Saints Francis of Assisi & Pope John Paul II.

Anyhow, swing-by again, any time.
We’ll always be out there, ‘Sharing The Way’.
Buen Camino and ‘Viva Yo’!