Wolfgang & Elisabeth…

Speaking factually, if not Humbly, ‘The Camino Concept’ happily enjoys an ever increasing number of ‘Camino Nation Loyal Listeners’, on Worldwide Internet Radio. Speaking accurately, if not wishfully, we have fewer Fans than ‘Billy C’ sometimes ‘inadvertently’ implies… believe it, or not.

However, ‘Team Camino’ is Blessed with more Fans than we could’ve ever predicted or hoped, and, way beyond what we could ever Deserve.

Which brings us to our ‘Spotlight’ on ‘Albergue Pepe’ in Falkensee, Germany.

Halo, Wolf und Lis; Dies ist Ihr ‘Camino Moment’… this is your ‘Camino Moment’.

‘Number One’ World Champion Fans – ‘Nummer Eines’ Weltmeister Fans.

Old Axiom: “If you want to accomplish something, ask a busy Person.” ‘Wolf & Lis’ are International Travelers whom remain in perpetual motion, as ‘GrossEltern’/’GrandParents’, Nature-Loving Pilgrim-Hikers, Long-Range Bicyclists, Alpine Skiers, Community Neighbors, active Congregation Members, Home Improvement Masters, and Faitb-based Artistic Craft Creators.

They are also ‘Oldies Music Lovers’. In fact, we are Proud, and Humbled to recognize them as our ‘World Class Friends and Audience’.

Check this. Wolf & Liz religiously catch us on the Internet every Friday, and, often, on an Encore Broadcast as well. When Traveling, Visiting, or Entertaining, their ‘Loved Ones’ expect to be subject to the ‘Vortex’, and, realize they must at least pretend, to have a Blast. Fact.

Further, in weekly preparation, our dear ‘Concept Fanatics’ solicit copies of the featured Song List and entire Program Script. With this material, they, review each Quarter of the Program, during the preceding 4 days of Monday through Thursday… I couldn’t make this up, or, pay for it; I mean it. Finally, on ‘Game Day’, they proactively submit an endless Stream of emojis, questions & comments, facts, Stats, Trivia, photos, Album Covers, mini-videos of past Concerts, and/or personal memories, for ‘OUR’ consumption and appreciation… to mutually entertain ‘Us’! Wow!

Did I mention? All of this is in English, ‘one’ of their secondary Languages.

Question: Outside of ‘Graceland’, where do you find an ‘Elvis Presley Movie Poster’ in the ‘Master Suite Restroom’? ‘Nuff said.

Many thanks dear Friends – Vielen dank liebe Freude.

Buen Musika – Buen Cloning – Buen Camino