Once again, we are happy to report, that many ‘Camino Nation Loyal Listeners’ have already been enjoying the recent additions to ‘The Camino Concept’s’ fabulous Network of Affiliated Internet Radio Stations.

Check our ‘Radio Page’ for the updated Air-Time Schedule, and, the complete List of ‘Hot-Links’. We’re anxious for you to ‘Dial-Up’:

(1.) ‘Kalypso Gold Radio’! Featuring: ‘Yesterday’s Pops – Today’s Classics’. ‘Sir’ Peter-The Leader makes it all happen on ‘KGR’, ‘The Nymph’ (…there’s a Story there…), within earshot of the Seagulls in the ‘Whitstable Kent’ area of England. My Friends, I guarantee you, the humorously humble Peter is a Consummate Pro as a Manager, Director, Producer and Ambassador… and, if anyone Host’s a more inviting ‘Breakfast Show’ than Peter, then ‘Ol’ Sol, The Sun, Himself’ will set His Radio Alarm Clock to it every single Sunrise.

(2.) ‘Tater Patch Radio’, with General Manager, ‘Crazy Daisy’. She is all about the fun. Ya’ gotta’ love the mantra of ‘Daisy at TPR’: ‘We Play Everything – Just Good Music’. Dear ‘Oldies Lovers’, don’t let the ‘Rustic Name’ fool you. Stationed in ‘Blackstone, Virginia’, in the Colonies, ‘The Patch’ enjoys one of the largest Audiences on the Internet… seems much of ‘The Beltway’ is ‘governed’ by their Fun. Keep it crazy, Daisy.

(3.) ‘Castle Radio’!! Buen Camino, my dear ‘Musical Pilgrims’, you want this ‘Stello’ in your ‘Credenciale’, every day. ‘CRFM, broadcasts from the picturesque ‘Port of LaDuquesa’ in ‘Manilva Malaga’ of Andalucia, Spain’. Truly the ‘Class’ of the ‘Albergue Circuit’, ‘Sir’ Andrew is in the top of ‘The Tower’ at ‘The Castle’, where they ‘Keep It Real – Keep It Local’… I keep it ‘Dialed’ whether I’m ‘Local’ or not. Go Andrew, go.

If Internet Radio can get any better than this, then I want it yesterday… I’m selfish like that. As always, on behalf of ‘Team Camino’, sincere thanks from ‘Studio Camino’, located at the singularly unique ‘Casa-Lynda’. It remains our awesome Joy to humbly be at your Service with our ‘Mostly Eclectic Oldies’ and the ‘Fun Novelties’. Buen Camino.