Roll Call: “Here ye, hear ye!”

Recognizing Host Stations:
‘The Dazzling Dozen’

Wow! What ‘Lottery’ did ol’ ‘Billy Camino’ win? Talk about a ‘Jack-Pot’! Here at ‘Studio Camino’, we enjoy the richest treasure trove of Internet Radio Platforms and Venues imaginable.

Every single week, on twelve different Stations, ‘The Camino Concept’ currently ‘AIRS’ over 25 times, around the World, totaling more than 50 hours per week. Our ‘Loyal Listeners’ tune-in with us, from all over ‘The States’ & ‘Canada’, ‘Europe’, and ‘The Caribbean’… and, a coupla’ points, ah, yet to be identified, exactly.

Check out our Radio Page to find the updated Full Schedule of Week Days, Time-Slots, and, Stations… it remains a work-in-Progress, with New Listings, Daylight Savings Times and/or changes to the ‘Stations Line-Up’.

So, speaking of which, we’re ‘Shout’n From The Mountain’, to our precious dear Friends, Leaders, Mentors and Coaches, all of whom make it happen for us, on their fabulous Internet Radio Stations!

Okay, ‘Dearest Dazzling Dozen’, step up, and be appreciated! In no particular order, we’re giving it up for: ‘Coach Gary Jackson’,’ My-Generation-Radio’s Internet Icon’; and, the very generous-hearts, ‘Andy & Gordon’, of Northampton’s freely-given WRFN; and, then, ‘Dory’ is ‘The Nova Scotia Story’ at ‘Rockin’ Round The Clock Radio’ not very far from ‘The Bay of Fundy’.

Spot-Light on ‘Mal’, ‘The Consummate pragmatic Pro’, leading the way at ‘Retro Sounds Radio’; and, the one & only ‘Susan The Vulcan Lady’ is the Energy & Synergy of ‘Vulcan Sounds Radio’; plus, ‘Ambron Radio’ is a quintessential ‘Family Friendly Station because ‘Paddy’ is the genuine ‘Paternal Inspiration’.

‘CJ’!! Our Friend ‘Carl’ is the ‘Lightning Rod’ of immediacy & motivation at ‘The Fiver’, ‘En5R Radio’; and, if you prefer ‘Options’, we give you ‘Andy’, with full command of all selections at ‘Variety Oldies Radio’; and, how about ‘Have-A-Blast-Radio’, where their music is always ‘Dy-No-Mite’… at the ‘Mother-Ship’, it’s the ever enjoyable ‘Tri-Lateral-Management’ of ‘DJ-Jay’, ‘Dutchy Anita’, and ‘Princess Reba’!

In Southwestern Pennsylvania, ‘’s New Sound’ is the innovative creative genius of ‘Directing Manager & DJ, Jason, and his talented cast of entertainers, such as ‘Eric-The-Pink-Crusher’; and also, from ‘The Top Of The Tower’, in the UK’s ‘Cheshire-Blackpool’ area, ‘Shout Radio’ enjoys the ‘Quasi-Chaotic’ encouragement of ‘Aaron & Peppy’ along with ‘Matt’ and James’; oh, yes, lest we forget, one more, way-the-heck-out-there, at WayOutRadio! That’s where the singularly unique ‘Rossy & The Count’ push all the buttons in their ‘Canine Gallery’.

Two-second Summary: ‘Team Camino’s’ Passion is to ‘Share The Way’ by sharing the Passion of ‘Mostly Eclectic Oldies & Fun Novelties’; making new memories with the most memorable music of our Journeys. Music & Laughter remain our Universal Language, and, our ‘Musical Pilgrims’, along with our ‘Host Station’s Friends’ remain our dearest Loves. Buen Camino!