Here’s How It Works…

Lynda and Lori at Orisson, France

In a word, ‘Sharing’ is how ‘The Camino’ works. ‘Sharing The Way’ is what we do. It’s easy, natural, and mutual… one step at a time.

August 2018. Lynda from Pittsburgh, via Phoenix, and Lori from Detroit, via Philadelphia, ‘Shared’. Period.

Day One. Barely outside of St. Jean Pied de Port, ‘Along The Way’ to Orisson, they met for the first time. Comfortably and casually at first, with no apparent beginning, they simply began ‘Sharing’ a few miles and smiles and scenic ‘wows’. They ‘Shared’ a little water, sunblock, power-bars, and topics such as hiking shoes, walking sticks, backpacks, bed bugs, aches & pains, and, Pilgrim Guide Books. Did I mention, ‘Sharing’ a few self-deprecating one-liners and laughs?

After ‘Sharing’ a couple hours on the ‘uphill’, they arrived at Orisson, and ‘Shared’ a sun-splashed outdoor table with a view, beyond belief. They also ‘Shared’ a lunch, optimistic ‘Camino Aspirations’, more laughs, including both silly and nervously anxious laughter; and, oh, yes… they ‘Shared’ a couple of ‘cool refreshment sips’.

Suddenly, with no apparent ending, they knew ‘The Camino’ intruded upon their Schedules, and, they simply began ‘Sharing’ Contact Information, best wishes, a couple Blessings & embraces, and, yes indeed, a couple tearful, but whole-hearted pledges for the near future.

Although, they came within a mile of each other, several days later, in Najera, to this day, two years later, Lynda & Lori have yet to ‘hook-up’ again. However, plans are in the works. Major Plans. Depending on prevailing circumstances, it seems very possible that they will soon visit each other in the States… to finalize their Logistics for a ‘Camino Re-Union’ at the Pilgrim’s Mass, in Santiago de Compostela, probably in 2021 or 2022.

You see, since that Orisson connection, our Pilgrim Gals have been ‘Sharing’ the Spirit of The Camino ‘Along The Way’, ever more comprehensively… still, one step at a time. Get this, now, they’ve actually ‘Shared’ their Journeys & ‘Lives’ and Families, and Careers, and Diet Secrets, Personal Aspirations, and, everything else including favorite Sports Teams (sorry, not compatible).

The point is, ‘The Camino’ never ends. It continues to ‘Share’, endlessly, as does ‘The Pilgrim’ Family’. ‘Sharing The Way’ is indeed how it works. Buen Camino.