‘Happy Hochzeit’

‘Camino Pilgrims’ the World over, and throughout History, proclaim that, ‘The Camino’ is the Gift that keeps on giving.

Perhaps more wondrous, ‘The Gifts and Blessings’ are beyond what we might’ve ever guessed, or hoped for, or Prayed about. Our Camino never ends, and it’s mysteries continually enrich our Journeys.

Maybe you know, ‘Hochzeit’ is a German word for Wedding. Please enjoy the above photo of me, with ‘Uli’, my ‘Camino Niece’ from Bavaria! The pic is from her ‘Wedding Reception’, in Germany, this past July, 2019.

In Spring of 2016, my Wife, Lynda, and I, met ‘Uli’ and her Mother, in Galicia, Spain. Inexplicably, while walking together, off and on, all of us immediately became a 4-way, cross-wired, Community tapestry of Faith based values, loving mutual appreciation, and easy silly humor. The genuine Familial relationship has continued to explode to this very day, with no end in sight. And, get this, no coincidences, right? In 2016, at ‘The Pilgrim’s Mass’, ‘Uli’ and her Mother, sat beside ‘Lynda & I’, for our 40th Wedding Anniversary Celebration! Wow!

You can’t make up this stuff. Only on the Camino, can ‘Pittsburghers’ from ‘The Valley of The Sun’, Arizona, and, ‘Austrian-German-Bavarians’ become lifelong ‘Family’ in a few days. Further travel visitations among us, are already pending… perhaps including another ‘Hochzeit’. We’ll see. Until then, we remain convinced that ‘The Camino’ continues to do all the right things for all the right reasons. May we be so wise as well. Buen Camino and, ‘Happy Hochzeit’!!