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Mark Your Calendars


This is down the road a ways, but we have a confirmed date for a public forum presentation of ‘Sharing The Camino’.

On February 16th, 2017, our Team will conduct a Class at the PORA Adult Learning facility in Sun City West (AZ).

It’s a 90 minute class, starting at 9:00 AM.  It is featured in the PORA Spring Class 2017 catalog.

The module is titled:  The Camino de Santiago de Compostela: Sharing ‘The Way of St. James’.

Seating is limited, but Registration is easy.  Simply call 623-242-6864; or do so online at; or visit the PORA office at 13815 Camino del Sol, Sun City West, 85375.

Other sessions are being scheduled, but until confirmation, we are indeed excited & delighted to be at your service in February.  This module is a lot of fun, and is perfect for those that want to learn, as well as for those that want to share.

Our passion remains ‘Sharing The Passion’ with you.  Buen Camino.

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Something to look forward to:

Our Manager, ‘Pilgrim Bill’  will soon be ‘Sharing The Camino’ at public venues.

He’ll present modules in January through March 2017, in Sun City West (AZ), at the PORA facility.  PORA is the Property Owners & Residence Association, located at 13815 Camino del Sol, Sun City West, AZ 85375.  You can Register at the office, or online (, or by calling 623-242-6864.

Bill’s presentation is titled, The Camino de Santiago de Compostela (Sharing “The Way of St. James”).  What fun this 90 minute module is!  It is conducted in a classroom environment, and features a brief Video, a narrated Slide Show, and an inter-active discussion forum.  It is perfect for all Pilgrims & Peregrinos, past and future.  The material is fascinating for new folks, and a nostalgic joy for veterans.

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Camino For Cancer

Pictured below is our Friend, Geri (left) from Gilbert, Arizona, with her Daughter Shannon.  They trekked 400 miles, from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela, in April & May, 2013.  Their “Way” offered a singularly unique Generosity of Spirit.  We’ll let Geri’s own words, below, define the powerful intentions of their Pilgrimage:

“I am so blessed to be a cancer survivor and to walk the Camino with my beautiful daughter.  We would like to give back to the American Cancer Society who gives so much to so many.  We hope that you will consider sponsoring us, even if it is just 1 cent per mile… If there is anyone you would like us to pray for while we are walking, please email us their name… thank you for all your generosity, wishes, and prayers.  God Bless you… Geri “.

Suffice to say, Geri & Shannon indeed harvested quite a sum to submit to the A.C.S. 

Giving Credit Where Due

The photo is titled ‘The 500 Mile Man’.  It’s a classic shot.  Millions of Pilgrims have one of themselves that are almost identically posed.  Many people are also ‘500 Mile Pilgrims’.  Some have traversed even further.  So, what is the reason for the credit?  The credit goes to the photographer, Rita Vargo of Phoenix, Arizona.  In this case, Rita traveled to Santiago, Spain in 2009, specifically to be the Welcoming Committee at St. James Cathedral and to take this shot of her Husband Greg (married 42 years at the time), as he completed his solo Pilgrimage.  That’s right, in fact, he did over 500 miles alone, starting in Bayonne, France.  Best news yet:  They’re now married 49 years, and Greg has another 500 miles planned for 2018.  Guess who will be at the Finish Line.  Buen Camino. Posted in Uncategorized on . Edit


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