Roll Call: “Here ye, hear ye!”

Recognizing Host Stations:
‘The Dazzling Dozen’

Wow! What ‘Lottery’ did ol’ ‘Billy Camino’ win? Talk about a ‘Jack-Pot’! Here at ‘Studio Camino’, we enjoy the richest treasure trove of Internet Radio Platforms and Venues imaginable.

Every single week, on twelve different Stations, ‘The Camino Concept’ currently ‘AIRS’ over 25 times, around the World, totaling more than 50 hours per week. Our ‘Loyal Listeners’ tune-in with us, from all over ‘The States’ & ‘Canada’, ‘Europe’, and ‘The Caribbean’… and, a coupla’ points, ah, yet to be identified, exactly.

Check out our Radio Page to find the updated Full Schedule of Week Days, Time-Slots, and, Stations… it remains a work-in-Progress, with New Listings, Daylight Savings Times and/or changes to the ‘Stations Line-Up’.

So, speaking of which, we’re ‘Shout’n From The Mountain’, to our precious dear Friends, Leaders, Mentors and Coaches, all of whom make it happen for us, on their fabulous Internet Radio Stations!

Okay, ‘Dearest Dazzling Dozen’, step up, and be appreciated! In no particular order, we’re giving it up for: ‘Coach Gary Jackson’,’ My-Generation-Radio’s Internet Icon’; and, the very generous-hearts, ‘Andy & Gordon’, of Northampton’s freely-given WRFN; and, then, ‘Dory’ is ‘The Nova Scotia Story’ at ‘Rockin’ Round The Clock Radio’ not very far from ‘The Bay of Fundy’.

Spot-Light on ‘Mal’, ‘The Consummate pragmatic Pro’, leading the way at ‘Retro Sounds Radio’; and, the one & only ‘Susan The Vulcan Lady’ is the Energy & Synergy of ‘Vulcan Sounds Radio’; plus, ‘Ambron Radio’ is a quintessential ‘Family Friendly Station because ‘Paddy’ is the genuine ‘Paternal Inspiration’.

‘CJ’!! Our Friend ‘Carl’ is the ‘Lightning Rod’ of immediacy & motivation at ‘The Fiver’, ‘En5R Radio’; and, if you prefer ‘Options’, we give you ‘Andy’, with full command of all selections at ‘Variety Oldies Radio’; and, how about ‘Have-A-Blast-Radio’, where their music is always ‘Dy-No-Mite’… at the ‘Mother-Ship’, it’s the ever enjoyable ‘Tri-Lateral-Management’ of ‘DJ-Jay’, ‘Dutchy Anita’, and ‘Princess Reba’!

In Southwestern Pennsylvania, ‘’s New Sound’ is the innovative creative genius of ‘Directing Manager & DJ, Jason, and his talented cast of entertainers, such as ‘Eric-The-Pink-Crusher’; and also, from ‘The Top Of The Tower’, in the UK’s ‘Cheshire-Blackpool’ area, ‘Shout Radio’ enjoys the ‘Quasi-Chaotic’ encouragement of ‘Aaron & Peppy’ along with ‘Matt’ and James’; oh, yes, lest we forget, one more, way-the-heck-out-there, at WayOutRadio! That’s where the singularly unique ‘Rossy & The Count’ push all the buttons in their ‘Canine Gallery’.

Two-second Summary: ‘Team Camino’s’ Passion is to ‘Share The Way’ by sharing the Passion of ‘Mostly Eclectic Oldies & Fun Novelties’; making new memories with the most memorable music of our Journeys. Music & Laughter remain our Universal Language, and, our ‘Musical Pilgrims’, along with our ‘Host Station’s Friends’ remain our dearest Loves. Buen Camino!

Here’s How It Works…

Lynda and Lori at Orisson, France

In a word, ‘Sharing’ is how ‘The Camino’ works. ‘Sharing The Way’ is what we do. It’s easy, natural, and mutual… one step at a time.

August 2018. Lynda from Pittsburgh, via Phoenix, and Lori from Detroit, via Philadelphia, ‘Shared’. Period.

Day One. Barely outside of St. Jean Pied de Port, ‘Along The Way’ to Orisson, they met for the first time. Comfortably and casually at first, with no apparent beginning, they simply began ‘Sharing’ a few miles and smiles and scenic ‘wows’. They ‘Shared’ a little water, sunblock, power-bars, and topics such as hiking shoes, walking sticks, backpacks, bed bugs, aches & pains, and, Pilgrim Guide Books. Did I mention, ‘Sharing’ a few self-deprecating one-liners and laughs?

After ‘Sharing’ a couple hours on the ‘uphill’, they arrived at Orisson, and ‘Shared’ a sun-splashed outdoor table with a view, beyond belief. They also ‘Shared’ a lunch, optimistic ‘Camino Aspirations’, more laughs, including both silly and nervously anxious laughter; and, oh, yes… they ‘Shared’ a couple of ‘cool refreshment sips’.

Suddenly, with no apparent ending, they knew ‘The Camino’ intruded upon their Schedules, and, they simply began ‘Sharing’ Contact Information, best wishes, a couple Blessings & embraces, and, yes indeed, a couple tearful, but whole-hearted pledges for the near future.

Although, they came within a mile of each other, several days later, in Najera, to this day, two years later, Lynda & Lori have yet to ‘hook-up’ again. However, plans are in the works. Major Plans. Depending on prevailing circumstances, it seems very possible that they will soon visit each other in the States… to finalize their Logistics for a ‘Camino Re-Union’ at the Pilgrim’s Mass, in Santiago de Compostela, probably in 2021 or 2022.

You see, since that Orisson connection, our Pilgrim Gals have been ‘Sharing’ the Spirit of The Camino ‘Along The Way’, ever more comprehensively… still, one step at a time. Get this, now, they’ve actually ‘Shared’ their Journeys & ‘Lives’ and Families, and Careers, and Diet Secrets, Personal Aspirations, and, everything else including favorite Sports Teams (sorry, not compatible).

The point is, ‘The Camino’ never ends. It continues to ‘Share’, endlessly, as does ‘The Pilgrim’ Family’. ‘Sharing The Way’ is indeed how it works. Buen Camino.

Showin’ We’re Growin’…

Hey there, dear Camino Nation Musical Pilgrims, it’s been a while since we updated our Schedule Page, so sneak a peek at your leisure.

You’ll immediately notice four, count ’em, ‘4’ awesome new Stations in our Camino Radio Family Line-up! They’re all from the United Kingdom, which remains ‘The Camino Concepts’ most fertile Targeted Market.

Please check out: ‘WRFN-1025’ from Northampton, and ‘Vulcan Sound Radio’ from Bournemouth, and, ‘En5 Radio’ of the London Barnet area, as well as ‘Way Out Radio’ of the London Kane district. You’ll enjoy perusing their Websites… great fun stuff.

I’m tellin’ ya, I’m tellin’ ya’, ‘Mostly Eclectic Oldies’ never had it so good. These Brand New Stations are a perfect compliment to our existing Hall-Of-Fame Industry Icons. Wow, yeah, Baby!

‘Happy Hochzeit’

‘Camino Pilgrims’ the World over, and throughout History, proclaim that, ‘The Camino’ is the Gift that keeps on giving.

Perhaps more wondrous, ‘The Gifts and Blessings’ are beyond what we might’ve ever guessed, or hoped for, or Prayed about. Our Camino never ends, and it’s mysteries continually enrich our Journeys.

Maybe you know, ‘Hochzeit’ is a German word for Wedding. Please enjoy the above photo of me, with ‘Uli’, my ‘Camino Niece’ from Bavaria! The pic is from her ‘Wedding Reception’, in Germany, this past July, 2019.

In Spring of 2016, my Wife, Lynda, and I, met ‘Uli’ and her Mother, in Galicia, Spain. Inexplicably, while walking together, off and on, all of us immediately became a 4-way, cross-wired, Community tapestry of Faith based values, loving mutual appreciation, and easy silly humor. The genuine Familial relationship has continued to explode to this very day, with no end in sight. And, get this, no coincidences, right? In 2016, at ‘The Pilgrim’s Mass’, ‘Uli’ and her Mother, sat beside ‘Lynda & I’, for our 40th Wedding Anniversary Celebration! Wow!

You can’t make up this stuff. Only on the Camino, can ‘Pittsburghers’ from ‘The Valley of The Sun’, Arizona, and, ‘Austrian-German-Bavarians’ become lifelong ‘Family’ in a few days. Further travel visitations among us, are already pending… perhaps including another ‘Hochzeit’. We’ll see. Until then, we remain convinced that ‘The Camino’ continues to do all the right things for all the right reasons. May we be so wise as well. Buen Camino and, ‘Happy Hochzeit’!!

‘Guess Who We Met’

‘Lynda’ with ‘Bobby’ from Back-Bay Boston.

Let’s spend a couple paragraphs, ‘Sharing The Camino’, literally.

No explanation is required for fellow Pilgrims of ‘The Camino de Santiago de Compostela’, and, no explanation will suffice for the uninitiated. ‘Sharing The Way’, through Life, is the perpetual Gift of an authentic Pilgrimage upon ‘The Way of St. James’. Yet, we fail in our efforts to humbly communicate, educate, or, illustrate our experience.

My Wife, ‘Lynda’, and I back-packed portions of ‘The Camino’ in 2016 and 2018, in France and Spain. We’ve completed 250 miles to date. Later this year, we intend to trek more, in Germany, and hopefully portions, in Poland and Austria. Next year, in 2020, we’ve scheduled a 62 day, 500 mile ‘Camino’ challenge. One may ask ‘why’. We wonder about that ourselves. The more pertinent question, actually, is ‘who’? I could spend a hundred pages telling you ‘WHO’ we met.

In 2016, after a couple days on ‘The Way’, we were ready to quit, due to ‘combination of factors’. During a brief break, to make our decision to end it, at a wayside table, a young Lady, with a friendly German lilted accent, informed us that we had ‘certainly found a lovely spot’ to enjoy. ‘Uli’ & her Mother, ‘Mimoke’, introduced themselves as ‘The Flower Pilgrims’, from Bavaria, and, said they stopped to enjoy the flowers at every possible opportunity. Sage wisdom, and food for thought, at the time. It was motivation enough to continue and finish. Long story short, we may have missed a few floral opportunities along our ‘Journey’, but we remain dear personal Friends with them to this day, and, in fact, will attend ‘Uli’s Wedding’ in July.

Consider ‘Merck’. A strong, sturdy 60-something Certified Physical Therapist, from Poland; he materialized out of nowhere one day, and began generously administering therapeutic massage skills to ‘everyone’. He was a Pro, and, he was a Saint! After beginning with my Wife’s knee, a line formed immediately. His English was no better than my Polish, but we ‘Shared’ a couple weeks of Mother Nature, Father Time, and mutual Spirit. My guess, he never leaves ‘The Camino’. ‘Service’ is his essence.

How about ‘Matsuro’? Perhaps a-typical, he was a lean athletic 6’4″; and, with, his warm smile and inviting manner, this tall, charming ‘Gentleman’, engendered fellowship and Community among all. After sharing an Albergue night with us, at daybreak, he used his Google Translate App to offer a ‘Hindu Blessing’ upon our health and our Journey. Amen.

So many others… ‘Annetta’ from Germany! Through humor, and aches & pains, and, a couple ‘sips’, her & my Lynda fell-in together and encouraged each other for several days. Finally, upon arriving in ‘Santiago de Compostela’, Annetta ‘confessed’, although she was not a person of ‘Faith’, this was ‘The Best Day Of Her Life’. Amen again.

‘Bobby from Boston’! An Angel! Perhaps our toughest day of all: logistics and other circumstances dictated Lynda & I ‘divide and conquer’. Thus, unwisely, we split-up for a while. Too long, really. About the time Lynda was becoming trail-weary, and/or frustrated with my absence. Bobby then appeared with confidence & strength, and, ‘Joyfully & Patiently’ escorted ‘My Girl’ all the way Home. I want to be Bobby when I grow up.

After several years of meticulously planning, saving, and anticipating, Lynnette and her pre-teens, Genvieve and Gage, were finally taking it ‘one step at a time’. We met them in Galicia. They were savoring every moment, like most of us, in the interior of their thoughts. They had much to think about. In a few days, they would return to Paris, France, with their precious keepsakes for Husband and Father, Charles. Their ‘Treasures’ would adorn his Grave site. Charles succumbed to a lengthy bout with cancer, three weeks before their ‘Family Camino’.

Guess who we ACTUALLY met on ‘The Way’. Buen Camino.

Introducing ‘Ambron’ Radio:

‘The Camino Concept’ is delighted to announce our recent addition to ‘Camino Nation’. We’re now enjoying the ‘Ambron Radio’ venue on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. ‘Ambron’ is out of the New Castle upon Tyne area of the United Kingdom, near London. Patrick McCough is their Owner/Manager. Our Friend ‘Paddy’ features a ‘Family Friendly Program Schedule’, which displays Professional, Technical, Entertainment, and Service Quality. Their Family plays Music together to stay together. That’ll work. Yeah, Baby!

‘Cause You Axed…

‘LyndyLou’ & ‘Studio Camino’s State-Of-The-Industry 2500 Series Command Center’

Okay, let’s make this as clear as mud. Inquiring minds continually ask about Studio Camino’s technology. ‘Camino Nation Musical Pilgrims’ want to understand our State-Of-The-Industry ‘2500 Series Command Center’, and why any Internet Broadcasts require a Signal Tower at the top of Mt. Washington, above the ‘Duquesne Incline’, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Furthermore, Loyal Listeners want to know how many Studio Locations we have, and why Internet Programs are some times Broadcast via Satellite transmissions. These are excellent questions with complicated answers, and we’re so impressed with your astute shomulations. Regarding our Facilities, until we finalize on-going negotiations for additional Sites, our Studio Network is as follows: (1) Studio Camino Headquarters at the ‘Singularly-Unique Casa Lynda’, in ‘The Valley of The Sun, near Phoenix, Arizona; (2) Studio Mai-Tai Remote Location, near Lahaina, on the North Ka’na’pali Shore, of ‘The Valley Isle’ of Maui, Hawaii; (3) Studio Toy-Land Remote Location, near ‘The North Pole’; (4) The good ship & true, ‘Camino Island’, for all ‘Off-Shore’ Broadcasts; and, (5) ‘The Tank Mobile Unit’, for all ‘Road-Tripping’ Broadcasts. Please note that we are aware of how our System may seem quasi-nebulous, and, sincerely appreciate your fascination. Continued Best Wishes and Buen Camino.

In Case You Missed It…

As per LyndyLou, October 30, 2018: “FYI, in case you missed it, Billy Camino was in action today, with a 2-Hour Power Point Slide Presentation in the Maricopa Room of the Chaparral Building, over at Sun City Grande, in Surprise, Arizona. Three dozen Camino Pilgrims attended the Class titled: ‘Sharing The Way of St. James… The Camino de Santiago de Compostela’. He nailed it! Buen Camino.”

As of this date, March 30, 2019, we’re looking ahead, for the near future. Keep an eye on this Site because further Presentations are in the works. In fact, the next one is scheduled for the first week of April, 2019. That will be conducted at the PORA Adult Education Center in Sun City West, Arizona. Additional Modules are planned for the fourth quarter of this year, as we return to Sun City Grande.

Everyone is welcome! We encourage veteran ‘Peregrinos’ to Share their treasured Memories and experiences with us, and, we’re always delighted to meet ‘Neophytes’. It’s exciting to enjoy the questions, suggestions, humor, and Plans that everyone brings with them. Hope to see you soon. Continued best wishes and Buen Camino.


This may or may not be a recent ‘Team Camino Meeting’ at ‘The Singularly Unique Casa-Lynda’. Believe it, …or not.

Justa’ quick note of appreciation to our unbelievably awesome ‘Camino Nation’. We’re having a blast, enjoying our ‘Mostly Eclectic Oldies & Fun Novelties’ with you, yeah, Baby! Please check our updated Schedule. We are presently ‘On-The-Air’ worldwide with 4 of the most impressive Internet Radio Stations in the entire Industry. At least one more is in the works for the very near future. But, as our priority remains: ‘Making New Memories’ with the ‘Most Memorable Music’ of our Journeys, we’ll always strive for Quality Stations; we’ll never be distracted by quantity. Continued Buen Blessings, my dear Oldies Musical Pilgrims.

Launching Our Brand NEW Web-Page: ‘The Camino Concept’ Radio-Show

Hi there ‘Camino Peregrinos’, ‘Cursillistas’, ‘Musical Pilgrims’, ‘Camino Nation’, Arizona Zonies’ and ‘SWPA Yinzers’!!

Whatta’ Blast, yeah Baby.

On March 2nd, 2019, ‘Studio Camino’ launched a separate page for
‘The Camino Concept’; which is our Radio Show.
Check out the Page, and tune-in to our Program for your listening fun.
We are a work in progress, and are on several Internet Radio Stations.
Schedules are Posted on the Page.

Your Host ‘Billy Camino’ is a Volunteer Presenter.
He Produces a Weekly 2-Hour Program of ‘Mostly Eclectic Oldies & Fun Novelties’.
The Music is ‘The Concept’, and, ‘Team Camino’ is ‘The Show’. Believe it… or not.

Disclaimer: ‘The Camino Concept’ is in the ‘Fictional Vortex’: “…many names and places have been changed to protect the innocence of those who may or may not be fictitious…”.

Welcome to ‘The Playground of a Licentious Imagination’. Buen Camino.