The Question

How simple Relationships can be. ‘The Camino’ is a perfect illustration.

On the Camino, we have so much in common with so many. Basically, everyone is striving to eventually reach, approximately the same destination, in Santiago de Compostela, or, perhaps Finistere, or Muxia.

On a daily basis, to over-simplify it, most Pilgrims are proceeding Westerly. Daily distance goals and objectives are relative to the Transportation Mode of choice, such as Feet, Bikes, Chairs, 4-Wheels, Horses, whatever. Other impactful variables include Health, Weather, Terrain & Elevation differentials, and, the unexpected from the ‘World-At-Large’.

To consider the ‘Camino Community’, let’s play ‘Pretend’.

Recently, a ‘Visitor’ arrived from another Galaxy, and spent a couple months, observing Pilgrims, in action, out on ‘The Track’. When the ‘Visitor’ filed a ‘Report’ to ‘The Superiors’, it read as follows…

***Note to File: The daily routine of Pilgrims, is to navigate ‘The Way of Saint James, The Apostle’, by proceeding, sometimes alone, emersed in introspection; but also, often in a continually evolving cluster of variable sized groups… with or without expressed communications.

There is much interest in ‘Historical & Artistic’ sites, scenery and locations, yet to be observed, and/or situations and vistas, recently enjoyed, or suffered.

Most info-flow tends to congeal regarding, ‘In The Moment’ minutiae. A few of the many, repetitive topics include: The Weather and Terrain and Distances, Water, Blisters and Aches & Pains, Hiking Boots and Socks, Back-Packs, Weather-Gear, Poles & Sticks, Sun-Block, ‘Sello Stamps’, ‘Waymarkers’, and, Albergue locations and accommodations. Prices are important, and so are Consumables, such as Food, Refreshments, possible Transportation alternatives, General Supplies, Laundries, and Pharmaceuticals. Intellectual digestion prevails.

There is also a preponderance of focus on ‘The Spiritual’, including associated locations and points of interest. This impacts both individually, and, can be ‘communed en masse’, periodically. There are many references to the ‘Soul’, or the ‘Essence’. Yet, there are many widely disparate interpretations, some potentially controversial.

Fascinating to observe, is the extraordinary Communication Methods. First, one must realize, that it is commonplace for groups to consist of Pilgrims from many different Nations, Languages, Races & Cultures, Beliefs & Practices and Value-Systems; also, not only Age and Fitness ranges, but also, Political, Personal and Social Preferences.

Pilgrims often utilize Smiling & Laughter, Hand-Shaking, Hugging & Embracing, High-Fiving & Fist-Pumps, and Back-Patting. Tears of Joy or Relief, or, of Anticipation and Doubts are not unusual.

Prayer, Singing, Chanting, Whispering, or merely nodding and winking, are all regularly effective. It’s often an explosion of quite an animated well-intended cacophony. ‘Traffic Cops’ and ‘Third Base Coaches’ could be humbled by the creative hand-gestures and ‘Ventriloquists’ would envy the elastic face gesticulations.

My Report concludes with the realization of how shockingly-well Pilgrims seem to get along, without actually knowing anything about each others ‘Real’ lives. In fact, what conveys, to the contrary, is that everything seems to immediately ‘feel’ different, upon the introduction of a thinly disguised, innocuous ‘Vertical Question’, such as, “So, then, what is it, that you actually ‘do’?”

***End Trans.

Wolfgang & Elisabeth…

Speaking factually, if not Humbly, ‘The Camino Concept’ happily enjoys an ever increasing number of ‘Camino Nation Loyal Listeners’, on Worldwide Internet Radio. Speaking accurately, if not wishfully, we have fewer Fans than ‘Billy C’ sometimes ‘inadvertently’ implies… believe it, or not.

However, ‘Team Camino’ is Blessed with more Fans than we could’ve ever predicted or hoped, and, way beyond what we could ever Deserve.

Which brings us to our ‘Spotlight’ on ‘Albergue Pepe’ in Falkensee, Germany.

Halo, Wolf und Lis; Dies ist Ihr ‘Camino Moment’… this is your ‘Camino Moment’.

‘Number One’ World Champion Fans – ‘Nummer Eines’ Weltmeister Fans.

Old Axiom: “If you want to accomplish something, ask a busy Person.” ‘Wolf & Lis’ are International Travelers whom remain in perpetual motion, as ‘GrossEltern’/’GrandParents’, Nature-Loving Pilgrim-Hikers, Long-Range Bicyclists, Alpine Skiers, Community Neighbors, active Congregation Members, Home Improvement Masters, and Faitb-based Artistic Craft Creators.

They are also ‘Oldies Music Lovers’. In fact, we are Proud, and Humbled to recognize them as our ‘World Class Friends and Audience’.

Check this. Wolf & Liz religiously catch us on the Internet every Friday, and, often, on an Encore Broadcast as well. When Traveling, Visiting, or Entertaining, their ‘Loved Ones’ expect to be subject to the ‘Vortex’, and, realize they must at least pretend, to have a Blast. Fact.

Further, in weekly preparation, our dear ‘Concept Fanatics’ solicit copies of the featured Song List and entire Program Script. With this material, they, review each Quarter of the Program, during the preceding 4 days of Monday through Thursday… I couldn’t make this up, or, pay for it; I mean it. Finally, on ‘Game Day’, they proactively submit an endless Stream of emojis, questions & comments, facts, Stats, Trivia, photos, Album Covers, mini-videos of past Concerts, and/or personal memories, for ‘OUR’ consumption and appreciation… to mutually entertain ‘Us’! Wow!

Did I mention? All of this is in English, ‘one’ of their secondary Languages.

Question: Outside of ‘Graceland’, where do you find an ‘Elvis Presley Movie Poster’ in the ‘Master Suite Restroom’? ‘Nuff said.

Many thanks dear Friends – Vielen dank liebe Freude.

Buen Musika – Buen Cloning – Buen Camino


Once again, we are happy to report, that many ‘Camino Nation Loyal Listeners’ have already been enjoying the recent additions to ‘The Camino Concept’s’ fabulous Network of Affiliated Internet Radio Stations.

Check our ‘Radio Page’ for the updated Air-Time Schedule, and, the complete List of ‘Hot-Links’. We’re anxious for you to ‘Dial-Up’:

(1.) ‘Kalypso Gold Radio’! Featuring: ‘Yesterday’s Pops – Today’s Classics’. ‘Sir’ Peter-The Leader makes it all happen on ‘KGR’, ‘The Nymph’ (…there’s a Story there…), within earshot of the Seagulls in the ‘Whitstable Kent’ area of England. My Friends, I guarantee you, the humorously humble Peter is a Consummate Pro as a Manager, Director, Producer and Ambassador… and, if anyone Host’s a more inviting ‘Breakfast Show’ than Peter, then ‘Ol’ Sol, The Sun, Himself’ will set His Radio Alarm Clock to it every single Sunrise.

(2.) ‘Tater Patch Radio’, with General Manager, ‘Crazy Daisy’. She is all about the fun. Ya’ gotta’ love the mantra of ‘Daisy at TPR’: ‘We Play Everything – Just Good Music’. Dear ‘Oldies Lovers’, don’t let the ‘Rustic Name’ fool you. Stationed in ‘Blackstone, Virginia’, in the Colonies, ‘The Patch’ enjoys one of the largest Audiences on the Internet… seems much of ‘The Beltway’ is ‘governed’ by their Fun. Keep it crazy, Daisy.

(3.) ‘Castle Radio’!! Buen Camino, my dear ‘Musical Pilgrims’, you want this ‘Stello’ in your ‘Credenciale’, every day. ‘CRFM, broadcasts from the picturesque ‘Port of LaDuquesa’ in ‘Manilva Malaga’ of Andalucia, Spain’. Truly the ‘Class’ of the ‘Albergue Circuit’, ‘Sir’ Andrew is in the top of ‘The Tower’ at ‘The Castle’, where they ‘Keep It Real – Keep It Local’… I keep it ‘Dialed’ whether I’m ‘Local’ or not. Go Andrew, go.

If Internet Radio can get any better than this, then I want it yesterday… I’m selfish like that. As always, on behalf of ‘Team Camino’, sincere thanks from ‘Studio Camino’, located at the singularly unique ‘Casa-Lynda’. It remains our awesome Joy to humbly be at your Service with our ‘Mostly Eclectic Oldies’ and the ‘Fun Novelties’. Buen Camino.

*** FUN & GAMES ***

Finisterre, Spain, 2016:LyndyLou’ claims ‘The World’s End’ as ‘Steeler Country.’

Hiya’ ‘Camino Nation Sports Fans’…

‘The Camino Concept’ Loyal Listeners often ask about ‘Billy Camino’s’ Sports references, and particularly Pittsburgh Teams. Rightly so. It is no secret that ‘Team Camino’ are avid Sports Fans, and, like many USA Regions, we’ve enjoyed our fair share of ‘Championships’ and suffered a few disappointments. We also celebrate the illustrious Careers and achievements of many Southwestern Pennsylvania Athletes, and, Entertainers too, by the way. Here are a few examples:

The Pittsburgh Pirates ‘Roberto Clemente’, one of the best hitters of all-time, and perhaps the greatest defensive Right-Fielder in history, was a perennial All-Star who won every possible award including 1971 World Series Championship MVP. True to his thrilling style as a Player, and his values as a Community Leader, the United States Marine Corps Reserve from Puerto Rico was inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, via a Special 5-Year Waiver because: ‘The Great One’ perished in a plane crash, New Years Eve, 1972, as he heroically was self-funding a cargo flight, including the supplies, to neighboring Managua, Nicaragua’s earthquake victims. As a lighter side-note, during his Era, it was obvious that every Kid in Pittsburgh imitated his unique style, to bat like ‘Roberto’; however, none of ‘us’ could ‘hit’ like him. Arriba, Arriba!

Hall of Famer ‘Bill Mazeroski’ was probably the best defensive Second Baseman of all time. Affectionately appreciated as ‘No-Hands’, after his Career, through philanthropy, he remained supportive of the Pittsburgh Family with his annual Scholarship Foundation Celebrity Golf Outing. But, on October 13th, 1960, at Forbes Field, his monumental Fame was eternalized when the Award winning Annual All-Star hit what is widely considered to be the ‘#1 Greatest Home Run’ in Major League History. To seal the Pittsburgh Pirates 1960 World Championship, ‘Maz’ hit what, to date, remains the one & only ‘World Series Seventh (7th) Game Walk-Off Home Run’. ‘Beat ‘Em Bucs’!

On December 23rd, 1972, future Hall Of Fame Running-Back ‘Franco Harris’, caught ‘The Immaculate Reception’. The Penn State Rookie won the first Playoff Game in ‘Pittsburgh Steeler’ history (score 13-7), by scoring on a ‘deflected pass’, as the clock neared expiration. As a regular All-Pro selection, and Super Bowl MVP, he earned many Awards in his Career, and his universal celebrity popularity continues to grow. However, most of all, Sports History recalls that Franco’s unique and controversial Playoff Victory Touchdown was the ‘first time ever’ that NFL Referees called upon an impromptu caucus to utilize ‘Instant Replay’ to finalize the Decision. The rest is History. ‘Franco’s Army’ Marches on!

January 12th, 1975, the ‘Pittsburgh Steelers’ won the first of their many Super Bowl Championships, with a 16-6 Victory at Tulane Stadium, in New Orleans. Even during many of the Franchise’s prior 40 years, ‘Defense’ was the Steelers primary identity and reputation; and, it remains so to recent Seasons. Thus, in Super Bowl IX, it was ‘The Steel Curtain’ that awarded the ‘Lombardi Trophy’ to long time Owner, ol’ ‘Art Rooney’. Along with several eventual Hall of Fame Offensive Players, we remember fondly, the ‘Defensive Household Names’: ‘Mean Joe’ & ‘LC’, and, ‘Ham’ & ‘Lambert’, and, ‘Blount’ & ‘Russell’ and ‘Torpedo Shell’. ‘Terrible Towels’ wave on!

Among several highly acclaimed Universities and Colleges celebrated in Western Pennsylvania, both Academically and Athletically, as an Alumni and a Team Member, I must recognize the rich Sports history of the ‘Penn State Nittany Lions’. Their Championship Football Legacy, of course, is the famous ‘Keystone’ of all Penn State’s competitive Programs, but truly, ‘The Pride of The Lions’ has been victorious, throughout College History, in many of a wide variety of both Men’s and Women’s venues. ‘We Are Penn State’!

I would be remiss if I failed to feature: ‘Playing’! Period.

Cheering & Applauding will be Celebrated. Winning and Losing will be Manifested. Training & Competing will be Compelling. Improving & Perfecting will be Inspiring. But, ultimately, it is ‘Playing’ that has enriched virtually every day of my personal ‘Journey’, as a ‘Child’, and, as the ‘Boy’ that remains in the ‘Man’ that I’ve become. Having said that, among thousands of World Class Championship Athletes & heroic Sports Men & Women, let’s recognize a mere handful of examples, that, through their accomplishments and ‘Lives’, have indeed Celebrated, Manifested, Compelled, and Inspired, because they ‘Played’ at the highest levels of ‘Excellence’:

“John Wooden’: In the NCAA Basketball Hall of Fame, both, as perennial Championship Coach of the UCLA Bruins, and also, as an All American Player for the Purdue Boilermakers. Respected by many Championship Coaches of many Sports, as ‘The Coach’, he is regarded as the educator, motivator, innovator, leader and mentor of their careers. ‘Mr. Wooden’, also inspires me personally, with his Centenarian ‘Life Well Lived’ exemplified by his Faith Based Values, and sole Storybook Marriage to his beloved ‘Nellie’.

‘Miracle On Ice’! As an American, the ‘1980 USA Hockey Gold Medal Team’ will eternally be recognized as one of the most singularly unique premier examples of ‘Red, White & Blue’ dramatic, clutch, persevering over-achieving Victory, against all odds. But, indeed, to Sports Fans the World over, it serves to offer Hope, that the same opportunity is available to any Athlete, Team, Coach, or Fan that ‘never quits’ competing, fighting, striving. On any given day!

‘The Thrilla’ In Manilla’!! Clearly the most dramatic cornerstone Victory of ‘Muhammed Ali’s’ entire Career, but, wow, where to begin? Originally as ‘Cassius Clay of Louisville, Kentucky, he won an Olympic Gold Medal to launch his distinguished Hall of Fame Professional Heavy Weight Championship Boxing Career. ‘The Greatest’ did it all. Yet, ultimately, to many, including me, ‘Ali’ was so much more in his ‘Life’s Journey’… probably the most prolific impactful Worldwide athletic competitor in all of Sports History! Very possibly the most famous ‘person’ ever, he was outspoken about Faith, Citizenship, Service, Sports, and Philanthropy, and, he led by uncompromising courageous displayed behavior. His Career and life as an International ambassador, have very few notable comparisons.

How about ‘Sandy Koufax’. When Fans consider excellence, in, and, of itself, look no further than ‘Sandy’s’ 5 Years in the middle 1960’s. During that period, he performed at a level nearly unmatched by anyone in any Sport. As a Hall of Fame Championship Pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, his ‘Perfection’ was well beyond excellence. Among several other awesome rivals of his era, he stood alone as the example of professional determination, commitment, technique, intellect, confidence, and most of all personal ‘Mystique’. He rarely spoke unnecessarily, but his performance continually roared. Such communication by example, was rare among competitors in the 1960’s, and/or subsequent decades.

‘Franz Klammer’!! To this day, many of us breathlessly recall his 1976 Winter Olympic Downhill Skiing Gold Medal victory run as ‘The Most Exciting Two and a Half Minutes in Sports History’! Again, although as is so often the case in International Competition, he dominated the Worldwide Sport for a four year period, in which, among many fine International Competitors, he took it to the ‘Next Level’, as he was rarely out of the Medals or Ribbons, if not ‘Victory Lane’ itself. His style was always ‘Risk for Reward’, albeit on the edge of disaster. But also, with his personal charisma, what a heart warming ‘Fairy-Tale’ story too; ‘Franz’ had the distinction of achieving his fantastic Championship at ‘Innsbruck’, in his native Nation of Austria. It doesn’t get any better than that.

One more: ‘Ted Williams’! Let’s begin with the fact that his distinguished Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Career with the Boston Red Sox was interrupted TWICE due to Military Service, totaling 5 years!! He served with the United State Navy and the Marine Corps in World War Two, and, was a Marine Combat Aviator in the ‘Korean War’. Let’s end with the fact, that as a Teenager, I personally copied his hitting style, with a modicum of success, facilitated by studying and emulating his book of Techniques: ‘The Science of Hitting’ (remains on my shelf as I write this piece). In between all of that, was one of the most Spectacular Baseball careers of all time, as he is still recognized as possibly the most technically proficient and deliberate craftsman ever. Always a leader by example as a Player and a Citizen, ‘The 6’5″ ‘Splendid Splinter’ was an awesome Left Fielder, and eventually a Manager and Sports ambassador.

Thank you, Sola de Gloria, DeColores, Maholo, Buen Camino, and, Play Ball!

Roll Call: “Here ye, hear ye!”

Recognizing Host Stations:
‘The Dazzling Dozen’

Wow! What ‘Lottery’ did ol’ ‘Billy Camino’ win? Talk about a ‘Jack-Pot’! Here at ‘Studio Camino’, we enjoy the richest treasure trove of Internet Radio Platforms and Venues imaginable.

Every single week, on twelve different Stations, ‘The Camino Concept’ currently ‘AIRS’ over 25 times, around the World, totaling more than 50 hours per week. Our ‘Loyal Listeners’ tune-in with us, from all over ‘The States’ & ‘Canada’, ‘Europe’, and ‘The Caribbean’… and, a coupla’ points, ah, yet to be identified, exactly.

Check out our Radio Page to find the updated Full Schedule of Week Days, Time-Slots, and, Stations… it remains a work-in-Progress, with New Listings, Daylight Savings Times and/or changes to the ‘Stations Line-Up’.

So, speaking of which, we’re ‘Shout’n From The Mountain’, to our precious dear Friends, Leaders, Mentors and Coaches, all of whom make it happen for us, on their fabulous Internet Radio Stations!

Okay, ‘Dearest Dazzling Dozen’, step up, and be appreciated! In no particular order, we’re giving it up for: ‘Coach Gary Jackson’,’ My-Generation-Radio’s Internet Icon’; and, the very generous-hearts, ‘Andy & Gordon’, of Northampton’s freely-given WRFN; and, then, ‘Dory’ is ‘The Nova Scotia Story’ at ‘Rockin’ Round The Clock Radio’ not very far from ‘The Bay of Fundy’.

Spot-Light on ‘Mal’, ‘The Consummate pragmatic Pro’, leading the way at ‘Retro Sounds Radio’; and, the one & only ‘Susan The Vulcan Lady’ is the Energy & Synergy of ‘Vulcan Sounds Radio’; plus, ‘Ambron Radio’ is a quintessential ‘Family Friendly Station because ‘Paddy’ is the genuine ‘Paternal Inspiration’.

‘CJ’!! Our Friend ‘Carl’ is the ‘Lightning Rod’ of immediacy & motivation at ‘The Fiver’, ‘En5R Radio’; and, if you prefer ‘Options’, we give you ‘Andy’, with full command of all selections at ‘Variety Oldies Radio’; and, how about ‘Have-A-Blast-Radio’, where their music is always ‘Dy-No-Mite’… at the ‘Mother-Ship’, it’s the ever enjoyable ‘Tri-Lateral-Management’ of ‘DJ-Jay’, ‘Dutchy Anita’, and ‘Princess Reba’!

In Southwestern Pennsylvania, ‘’s New Sound’ is the innovative creative genius of ‘Directing Manager & DJ, Jason, and his talented cast of entertainers, such as ‘Eric-The-Pink-Crusher’; and also, from ‘The Top Of The Tower’, in the UK’s ‘Cheshire-Blackpool’ area, ‘Shout Radio’ enjoys the ‘Quasi-Chaotic’ encouragement of ‘Aaron & Peppy’ along with ‘Matt’ and James’; oh, yes, lest we forget, one more, way-the-heck-out-there, at WayOutRadio! That’s where the singularly unique ‘Rossy & The Count’ push all the buttons in their ‘Canine Gallery’.

Two-second Summary: ‘Team Camino’s’ Passion is to ‘Share The Way’ by sharing the Passion of ‘Mostly Eclectic Oldies & Fun Novelties’; making new memories with the most memorable music of our Journeys. Music & Laughter remain our Universal Language, and, our ‘Musical Pilgrims’, along with our ‘Host Station’s Friends’ remain our dearest Loves. Buen Camino!

Here’s How It Works…

Lynda and Lori at Orisson, France

In a word, ‘Sharing’ is how ‘The Camino’ works. ‘Sharing The Way’ is what we do. It’s easy, natural, and mutual… one step at a time.

August 2018. Lynda from Pittsburgh, via Phoenix, and Lori from Detroit, via Philadelphia, ‘Shared’. Period.

Day One. Barely outside of St. Jean Pied de Port, ‘Along The Way’ to Orisson, they met for the first time. Comfortably and casually at first, with no apparent beginning, they simply began ‘Sharing’ a few miles and smiles and scenic ‘wows’. They ‘Shared’ a little water, sunblock, power-bars, and topics such as hiking shoes, walking sticks, backpacks, bed bugs, aches & pains, and, Pilgrim Guide Books. Did I mention, ‘Sharing’ a few self-deprecating one-liners and laughs?

After ‘Sharing’ a couple hours on the ‘uphill’, they arrived at Orisson, and ‘Shared’ a sun-splashed outdoor table with a view, beyond belief. They also ‘Shared’ a lunch, optimistic ‘Camino Aspirations’, more laughs, including both silly and nervously anxious laughter; and, oh, yes… they ‘Shared’ a couple of ‘cool refreshment sips’.

Suddenly, with no apparent ending, they knew ‘The Camino’ intruded upon their Schedules, and, they simply began ‘Sharing’ Contact Information, best wishes, a couple Blessings & embraces, and, yes indeed, a couple tearful, but whole-hearted pledges for the near future.

Although, they came within a mile of each other, several days later, in Najera, to this day, two years later, Lynda & Lori have yet to ‘hook-up’ again. However, plans are in the works. Major Plans. Depending on prevailing circumstances, it seems very possible that they will soon visit each other in the States… to finalize their Logistics for a ‘Camino Re-Union’ at the Pilgrim’s Mass, in Santiago de Compostela, probably in 2021 or 2022.

You see, since that Orisson connection, our Pilgrim Gals have been ‘Sharing’ the Spirit of The Camino ‘Along The Way’, ever more comprehensively… still, one step at a time. Get this, now, they’ve actually ‘Shared’ their Journeys & ‘Lives’ and Families, and Careers, and Diet Secrets, Personal Aspirations, and, everything else including favorite Sports Teams (sorry, not compatible).

The point is, ‘The Camino’ never ends. It continues to ‘Share’, endlessly, as does ‘The Pilgrim’ Family’. ‘Sharing The Way’ is indeed how it works. Buen Camino.

Showin’ We’re Growin’…

Hey there, dear Camino Nation Musical Pilgrims, it’s been a while since we updated our Schedule Page, so sneak a peek at your leisure.

You’ll immediately notice four, count ’em, ‘4’ awesome new Stations in our Camino Radio Family Line-up! They’re all from the United Kingdom, which remains ‘The Camino Concepts’ most fertile Targeted Market.

Please check out: ‘WRFN-1025’ from Northampton, and ‘Vulcan Sound Radio’ from Bournemouth, and, ‘En5 Radio’ of the London Barnet area, as well as ‘Way Out Radio’ of the London Kane district. You’ll enjoy perusing their Websites… great fun stuff.

I’m tellin’ ya, I’m tellin’ ya’, ‘Mostly Eclectic Oldies’ never had it so good. These Brand New Stations are a perfect compliment to our existing Hall-Of-Fame Industry Icons. Wow, yeah, Baby!

‘Happy Hochzeit’

‘Camino Pilgrims’ the World over, and throughout History, proclaim that, ‘The Camino’ is the Gift that keeps on giving.

Perhaps more wondrous, ‘The Gifts and Blessings’ are beyond what we might’ve ever guessed, or hoped for, or Prayed about. Our Camino never ends, and it’s mysteries continually enrich our Journeys.

Maybe you know, ‘Hochzeit’ is a German word for Wedding. Please enjoy the above photo of me, with ‘Uli’, my ‘Camino Niece’ from Bavaria! The pic is from her ‘Wedding Reception’, in Germany, this past July, 2019.

In Spring of 2016, my Wife, Lynda, and I, met ‘Uli’ and her Mother, in Galicia, Spain. Inexplicably, while walking together, off and on, all of us immediately became a 4-way, cross-wired, Community tapestry of Faith based values, loving mutual appreciation, and easy silly humor. The genuine Familial relationship has continued to explode to this very day, with no end in sight. And, get this, no coincidences, right? In 2016, at ‘The Pilgrim’s Mass’, ‘Uli’ and her Mother, sat beside ‘Lynda & I’, for our 40th Wedding Anniversary Celebration! Wow!

You can’t make up this stuff. Only on the Camino, can ‘Pittsburghers’ from ‘The Valley of The Sun’, Arizona, and, ‘Austrian-German-Bavarians’ become lifelong ‘Family’ in a few days. Further travel visitations among us, are already pending… perhaps including another ‘Hochzeit’. We’ll see. Until then, we remain convinced that ‘The Camino’ continues to do all the right things for all the right reasons. May we be so wise as well. Buen Camino and, ‘Happy Hochzeit’!!

‘Guess Who We Met’

‘Lynda’ with ‘Bobby’ from Back-Bay Boston.

Let’s spend a couple paragraphs, ‘Sharing The Camino’, literally.

No explanation is required for fellow Pilgrims of ‘The Camino de Santiago de Compostela’, and, no explanation will suffice for the uninitiated. ‘Sharing The Way’, through Life, is the perpetual Gift of an authentic Pilgrimage upon ‘The Way of St. James’. Yet, we fail in our efforts to humbly communicate, educate, or, illustrate our experience.

My Wife, ‘Lynda’, and I back-packed portions of ‘The Camino’ in 2016 and 2018, in France and Spain. We’ve completed 250 miles to date. Later this year, we intend to trek more, in Germany, and hopefully portions, in Poland and Austria. Next year, in 2020, we’ve scheduled a 62 day, 500 mile ‘Camino’ challenge. One may ask ‘why’. We wonder about that ourselves. The more pertinent question, actually, is ‘who’? I could spend a hundred pages telling you ‘WHO’ we met.

In 2016, after a couple days on ‘The Way’, we were ready to quit, due to ‘combination of factors’. During a brief break, to make our decision to end it, at a wayside table, a young Lady, with a friendly German lilted accent, informed us that we had ‘certainly found a lovely spot’ to enjoy. ‘Uli’ & her Mother, ‘Mimoke’, introduced themselves as ‘The Flower Pilgrims’, from Bavaria, and, said they stopped to enjoy the flowers at every possible opportunity. Sage wisdom, and food for thought, at the time. It was motivation enough to continue and finish. Long story short, we may have missed a few floral opportunities along our ‘Journey’, but we remain dear personal Friends with them to this day, and, in fact, will attend ‘Uli’s Wedding’ in July.

Consider ‘Merck’. A strong, sturdy 60-something Certified Physical Therapist, from Poland; he materialized out of nowhere one day, and began generously administering therapeutic massage skills to ‘everyone’. He was a Pro, and, he was a Saint! After beginning with my Wife’s knee, a line formed immediately. His English was no better than my Polish, but we ‘Shared’ a couple weeks of Mother Nature, Father Time, and mutual Spirit. My guess, he never leaves ‘The Camino’. ‘Service’ is his essence.

How about ‘Matsuro’? Perhaps a-typical, he was a lean athletic 6’4″; and, with, his warm smile and inviting manner, this tall, charming ‘Gentleman’, engendered fellowship and Community among all. After sharing an Albergue night with us, at daybreak, he used his Google Translate App to offer a ‘Hindu Blessing’ upon our health and our Journey. Amen.

So many others… ‘Annetta’ from Germany! Through humor, and aches & pains, and, a couple ‘sips’, her & my Lynda fell-in together and encouraged each other for several days. Finally, upon arriving in ‘Santiago de Compostela’, Annetta ‘confessed’, although she was not a person of ‘Faith’, this was ‘The Best Day Of Her Life’. Amen again.

‘Bobby from Boston’! An Angel! Perhaps our toughest day of all: logistics and other circumstances dictated Lynda & I ‘divide and conquer’. Thus, unwisely, we split-up for a while. Too long, really. About the time Lynda was becoming trail-weary, and/or frustrated with my absence. Bobby then appeared with confidence & strength, and, ‘Joyfully & Patiently’ escorted ‘My Girl’ all the way Home. I want to be Bobby when I grow up.

After several years of meticulously planning, saving, and anticipating, Lynnette and her pre-teens, Genvieve and Gage, were finally taking it ‘one step at a time’. We met them in Galicia. They were savoring every moment, like most of us, in the interior of their thoughts. They had much to think about. In a few days, they would return to Paris, France, with their precious keepsakes for Husband and Father, Charles. Their ‘Treasures’ would adorn his Grave site. Charles succumbed to a lengthy bout with cancer, three weeks before their ‘Family Camino’.

Guess who we ACTUALLY met on ‘The Way’. Buen Camino.

Introducing ‘Ambron’ Radio:

‘The Camino Concept’ is delighted to announce our recent addition to ‘Camino Nation’. We’re now enjoying the ‘Ambron Radio’ venue on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. ‘Ambron’ is out of the New Castle upon Tyne area of the United Kingdom, near London. Patrick McCough is their Owner/Manager. Our Friend ‘Paddy’ features a ‘Family Friendly Program Schedule’, which displays Professional, Technical, Entertainment, and Service Quality. Their Family plays Music together to stay together. That’ll work. Yeah, Baby!