Giving Credit Where Due

The photo is titled ‘The 500 Mile Man’.  It’s a classic shot.  Millions of Pilgrims have one of themselves that are almost identically posed.  Many people are also ‘500 Mile Pilgrims’.  Some have traversed even further.  So, what is the reason for the credit?  The credit goes to the photographer, Rita Vargo of Phoenix, Arizona.  In this case, Rita traveled to Santiago, Spain in 2009, specifically to be the Welcoming Committee at St. James Cathedral and to take this shot of her Husband Greg (married 42 years at the time), as he completed his solo Pilgrimage.  That’s right, in fact, he did over 500 miles alone, starting in Bayonne, France.  Best news yet:  They’re now married 49 years, and Greg has another 500 miles planned for 2018.  Guess who will be at the Finish Line.  Buen Camino.